Who owns what draft pick?

Since I’ve got about a month before I decide whether it’s worth the $25 to pay for renewing a domain name associated with a twitter handle I chose 5 years ago, I’m making an effort to put more #content on this site. Most of it’s junk I want for quick reference, today’s post is no exception. With the trade deadline about 5 weeks away I thought I’d post who owns what draft pick as a handy dandy reference. Enjoy.


No one really cares, but here are my draft rankings- January 2015 edition

Much like I did last year, I am posting a handy dandy list of my top 30 players pretty much just so I can have a convenient reference point when arguing on twitter. I didn’t do this until the Memorial Cup last year, but felt compelled to do this earlier this year because I was curious to see where I’d actually rank Lawson Crouse with my minimal knowledge of prospects. Last year I ranked William Nylander 4th overall, so you can imagine my glee when the Leafs selected him 8th. If the Leafs stay around 9th-10th, I hope to get an equal joy from the selection of Matthew Barzal.

Without further adieu, my rankings: (more…)