No one really cares, but here are my draft rankings

There are fewer things that hold less value than an individuals draft rankings, and this year where there is almost no consensus on anything they are even more meaningless, but arguably more fun to put together. Since I haven’t really had the time to put much thought into anything lately, these rankings are basically as I had them at the beginning of May with a couple of changes based on the completion of the Memorial Cup. There was no attempt to match players to teams, there’s nothing mock draft-y about this and I’d count on at least one team in the top 10 reaching for Hayden Fleury or the Islanders doing something nonsensical like drafting a goalie after refusing to give up this years pick to Buffalo. (more…)

Aging Gracefully

Since I haven’t fully landed on a new team and still have a head full of Leafs thoughts I figured I’d knock off a quick blog post based on a chart I was playing around with a work. Basically I’m trying to figure out who is going to be at their peak performance period for the Leafs over the next five years, who is on the upswing, and who is on the decline. The best years of a players production are normally around their mid-20s, some obviously peak earlier, others can sustain longer, but if we are speaking in the broadest of generalities players are developing up until the are 24, 25-29 are the years that they will have their highest expectations, after that we can expect a decline in production in their early 30s before everyone but the occasional Teemu Selanne freak of nature becomes that veteran presence guy on the fourth line, third defensive pairing or they’re clinging to the scraps of their career in Europe.


The Replacements

Yesterday I posted about my desire to break free from the hold that the Toronto Maple Leafs have on my soul. Today we take the first step in the recovery and begin the search for a new team. While I’d like to believe I am capable of just being a fan of individuals and enjoying good hockey, rooting interest remains an important part of the experience for me so a new team is necessary. It was also necessary for me to acknowledge that the odds of me completely quitting the Leafs is next to nil. Even if it sticks for a year or two there will be a relapse. Carlyle and Nonis can’t last forever and there’s a certain attachment to players like van Riemsdyk, Rielly, Kadri, Gardiner, Kessel and Bernier that isn’t going to go away just because their coach is a jackass.

Knowing that it would be awkward to wind up relapsing into the Leafs while following a second Eastern Conference team, I’ve limited my search for my new favourite team to the Western Conference. I’ve developed a bit of a criteria for it that may help some of you who are also seeking to transition into a new fanbase. The outline is as follows: (more…)