If the HFBoards Ran the Leafs

Coming off a historic collapse, and missing the playoffs for the 8th time in 9 years it seems reasonable that the Leafs are badly in need of change. The Shanahan hiring is a good start, and we hope Carlyle will soon be shown the door, leaving us with two birds left. The General Manager and Assistant GM team, and the players themselves. I’ve decided to take the two birds with one stone approach and today we’re going to hand the GM duties over to the HFBoards and let them rebuild the roster. I selected the first four Leafs trade threads I could find on the trade proposal board, and we’re going to see what happens with the roster. I excluded trades that involve a player who has already been moved in a prior HFBoards deal. Deals involving Leafs draft picks will always assume the highest pick the Leafs hold in that round will be moved. Here we go… (more…)

Leafs Incompetence Power Rankings

I can’t help but feel this post is either perfectly timed or already outdated. On one hand, I feel like I should give those who voted the chance to consider Shanahan into their rankings. On the other hand I feel like this is the perfect primer for Brendan to use as he familiarizes himself with the asylum he has just walked into. I have compiled the Leafs Incompetence Power Rankings once before on twitter, but unfortunately those have been lost to time. Instead here are the end of rankings the worst players, coaches, front office folks of MLSE’s hockey division. I asked my twenty voters to submit their top 5 most incompetent MLSE hockey employees, and that has given us a solid top ten list. I applaud my followers, as none of the suggested Phil Kessel, James Reimer, or Dion Phaneuf. In fact I only received one vote that I legitimately disagree with. This is a sign you are all good people, and I hope you’ll participate again after the Draft/Opening of Free Agency.  (more…)

Time to Start Caring About the Draft

With the Leafs now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and Leafs Nation now in a holding pattern waiting for Randy Carlyle to be shown the door, why not shift attention to the draft? The beautiful thing about the draft is that in the months leading up to it you have so much beautiful hope and optimism for the future. After the draft you are looking up career projections for Fredrick Gauthier and those positive feelings start slipping away, but until that happens it’s a beautiful time. (more…)